'Pokémon Go' Worldwide Bloom Event Brings More Grass-Type Pokémon This Weekend

New event starts today and runs until Monday

New event starts today and runs until Monday

Following the Pokémon Go "Water Festival" earlier this year, which saw players catching more than half a billion Magikarp, developer Niantic has now announced a new "Worldwide Bloom" event that will increase Grass-Type spawns starting today. 

While the "Water Festival" lasted a full week, Niantic says that the "Worldwide Bloom" will only be in effect from the afternoon of Friday, May 5th to Monday, May 8th.

In addition to extra Grass-Type Pokémon, Lure Modules will last six hours this weekend, rather than the standard 30 minutes. So, go hold up at a PokéStop and wait for Bulbasaur and his pals to come to you.

As you might recall, the "Water Festival" also introduced the first Shiny Pokémon into the game – but there's no indication yet whether Niantic will be adding Shiny variants of any of the Grass-Types this weekend. Given that Bulbasaur seems to be the poster-child for this particular event, it seems likely that if anything is going to get the treatment it'll be that.